Inter-Session Courses and Seminars

Traditionally there are courses and/or seminars offered at Don Bosco Hall in Berkeley between the fall and spring semesters. The courses are known as ``inter-sessions`` by the GTU and can be taken for graduate school credit. The seminars offer the same quality education and formation, and are primarily for personal formation for anyone who seeks to delve into the Salesian mission and charism a bit more deeply. Sometimes there is overlap between the inter-session and seminar, and those who take a course for credit may be required to do additional reading and other assignments.

January Seminars 2017


Some summers the Institute of Salesian Studies offers courses that can be taken for Credit through DSPT, or audited for personal enrichment. Check back soon to find out about this year's offerings!

Salesian Education Seminar (SES)

SES is a summer-time formation seminar for secondary school teachers, administrators, and staff. This seminar is designed for Salesian schools of the western Salesian province, but has been open to other schools who desire to receive a salesian formation. Check back soon for registration information.

Other Courses

The Institute of Salesian Studies has a long history of offering intensive courses both at Don Bosco Hall and ``on the road.`` Some of these courses include:
Salesian Accompaniment • Don Bosco's Dreams • Salesian Pedagogy • Salesian Pedagogy • Don Bosco and the Supernatural • Salesian Communal life • Intimacy & Celibacy • Youth Leadership • Generational Studies • Salesian Constitutions • Lay Spirituality • Saint John Bosco Narratives & the Hero's Journey • religious vows • Salesian Family • Magic • Homiletics • Media literacy