The Historical Context in which Don Bosco Lived and Worked

Instructor: Fr. Emmanuel Camilleri, SDB

The course is intended to help the students understand the historical context in which Don Bosco lived. It aims to give to the students those necessary tools to have a broader vision, a stronger knowledge, and a better critical outlook Don Bosco’s person, his way of thinking, and his action towards the well-being and the formation of the young.  The course will outline the social and religious problems, cultural and spiritual currents and the mindset in which Don Bosco was educated and formed. These same elements were the vehicle through which Don Bosco then articulated his educative-pastoral response to the needs of the young and society as a whole. The course aims at conveying an awareness and a methodical approach so that it can encourage students to research further on his socio-historical context in which Don Bosco lived and worked. [3.0 units]

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