Evangelizing a Secular Age

Instructor: Fr. John Roche, SDB

The “new evangelization” first proposed by Paul VI and strongly endorsed by John Paul II reaches far beyond older definitions of mission outreach. In this present moment, wrestling with the “dictatorship of relativism” and other realities addressed by Benedict XVI, educators have a duty to understand the times and to respond accordingly, employing every resource at their disposal.

This course examines the cumulative impacts of globalization and secularization. By referencing prophetic voices addressing these evolving realities, students will become conversant with various models of theology and spirituality which aptly demonstrate and reinforce the conviction that the Gospels are “up to the challenges and tasks” presented in this milieu.

Among many of these prophetic voices has risen a discernible strain advocating the power of the shared journey of faith and a spirituality of accompaniment. A special focus will be given to various models of this shared journey as a fecund response to this challenging new moment. The course is designed as a facilitation by lecture, personal reading, and group discussion integrating three reflection papers designed for three distinct movements in the examination of this historical and cultural moment. [3.0 units].

Course Number: STSP3082