Don Bosco: Founder

Instructor: Fr. Arthur Lenti, SDB

A survey of the life and work of St. John Bosco in historical context – the age of European revolutions.

This 14-week long course surveys the life and times of John Melchior Bosco (“Don Bosco”) with particular attention to nineteenth-century political, social and religious history. The better part of Don Bosco’s life is set in the turbulent period o f the post-Napoleonic Restoration and of the liberal revolutions that followed the times of the Italian Risorgimento and national unification. This historical context bears important biographical significance, as it affected Don Bosco’s life and work as well as the Church and society at large.

This survey looks at Don Bosco’s education, at his spiritual and theological formation leading to his priestly ordination (1841) in the times of the “Restoration.” It discusses his vocational choices and his work on behalf of poor young people at risk, as well as his subsequent expanded apostolic commitments, especially in the field of education. It examines the founding and initial development of the Society of St. Francis de Sales in the context of the liberal revolution and the unification of Italy.  [3.0 units].

Course Number: HS-2881