Don Bosco: Builder

Instructor: Fr. Arthur Lenti, SDB

A survey of the life and times of John Melchior Bosco (“Don Bosco,” 1815-1888) from the founding of the Salesian Society (1859) and the unification of Italy (1861) to his death (1888) with particular attention to the political, social and religious context. This context is particularly important because these twenty-five plus years saw an on-going laicization of society, an end of the pope’s temporal power, and the diminished influence of the Church in society, first under the governments of the historic Right (1861-1876), then under those much more hostile of the radical Left (1876-1891).

Against this turbulent scenario, the course surveys the consolidation and
expansion of the Salesian Society and the extraordinary diversification of the Salesian
apostolate in the lifetime of the Founder. [3.0 units].

Course Number: HS-2442