Community Application: Don Bosco Hall

Process of application to the Don Bosco Hall community:

  1. Discern
  2. Submit application form
  3. Notify references
  4. Submit supplemental material
  5. Obtain Visa*
  6. Make travel arrangements
  7. Obtain a letter of good standing (required only for priests who intend to obtain faculties in the diocese of Oakland during their stay at Don Bosco Hall)


1. Discern

Discern if you are called to live in community at Don Bosco Hall. An applicant must recognize that Don Bosco Hall is a religious community of the Salesians of Don Bosco, and is not merely a boarding house. Since it is a religious community with a particular spirit and life, upon arrival, community members are expected to strive to actively participate in the life of the community. This prayerful process ought to include some sort of dialogue with the director: 510-204-0801

If you are a member of a religious congregation, this ought to be a mutual discernment between your superior(s) and yourself.


2. Submit application form

This application form is only for those who seek to live in the Salesian community, who are not seeking to partake in the Salesian Studies and formation programs, for example:


  • International Salesians seeking to improve their English language skills
  • Students of the GTU,  or local colleges and universities who desire to live a communal life
  • Participants of the Jesuit school’s “New Directions” sabbatical program

 3. Notify references

Inform those whom you used as references that we may be contacting them in the near future.


4. Submit supplemental material

Your application is incomplete until you provide a personal letter about yourself , and about your desire to live in the Don Bosco Hall Community. Include a brief autobiography  (100 – 500 words), as well your hopes/expectations  as a member of the community.


5. Obtain a visa (if needed)

Most international applicants who do not plan to study, or plan to merely audit courses without receiving credit (including applicants for English courses) should apply for a Visitor Visa (B-2) or Religious Worker Visa (R-1).

Applicants who intend to study at institutions other than the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, and who wish to do so for credit, ought to apply for a Student Visa (F-1 or M-1). After an applicant is accepted into the educational institution, (s)he will receive an I-20 form, and will then be able to apply online. For more details about this process, please visit the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs.


6. Make travel arrangements

Once an applicant is accepted, they may then make travel arrangements. Oakland International Airport (OAK) Is the closest and most convenient airport to Don Bosco Hall. However, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is often less expensive for international flights.


7. Obtain a letter of good standing

Once accepted, ordained applicants who desire to obtain faculties in the Diocese of Oakland should contact us in order to start the process. We will contact their superior (provincial for religious, and bishop for diocesan clergy), and request a letter of good standing. This will expedite the process upon arrival.

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