to form, promote, and instill the Salesian charism of spiritual accompaniment by means of education, resource development, and lived experience

C. 118

Through personal and community initiatives we nurture our Salesian spiritual life, ensure our theological and pastoral updating, and develop our professional competence and our apostolic inventiveness.


Don Bosco Hall is a Salesian community of ongoing formation that strives to live out the constitutions of the Salesian Society in a way that molds the hearts of those around it. “With simplicity the confreres lead a life of self-giving and sharing, by welcoming others and offering them hospitality. By their kindness and cheerfulness they are able to draw everyone into the Salesian family spirit” (C. 56). Members of the community pledge to build it by the way in which he lives. He loves it, despite its imperfections, and knows that in it he finds the presence of Christ. He accepts fraternal correction, fights whatever he discovers in himself which militates against the community, and gives his own generous contribution to the community life and work. (see C. 52)


In addition to the Salesian courses offered, students at the Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS) have ample opportunity for pastoral updating & pursuing specific interests, thanks to the wide array of theological courses available at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU). Because the ISS is an institute affiliated with the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology (DSPT), a member of the GTU, students who are enrolled in Salesian courses have the opportunity to enroll in graduate courses at the world-renowned  University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley).


The ISS is located at Don Bosco Hall in Berkeley California, where residents reap the benefits of an international religious community, as well as experience the richness of cultural diversity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Residents live with the Salesian community at Don Bosco Hall, which is ideally situated between UC Berkeley and the GTU: only a short walk from Downtown Berkeley. Public transit system safe, efficient, and rather easy, so day trips to all over the San Francisco Bay Area are a breeze!


Michael Pomo, MD

Michael Pomo, MD

Co-teaching Don Bosco's Environment

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